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5V DC power supply @ 1A

Recommended for our products

aaWallWart IMG_9527_720.jpg

AC/DC Power Supply


If you need to hard wire your device, this can be used instead of the AC/DC power supply.

Power Plug

aapOWERpLUG IMG_9534_720.jpg

2.8” Color LCD with Touch Screen

320x240 Resolution

Same screen used on our devices

2.8” Color LCD

aaSmallLCD IMG_9538_720.jpg

4.3” Color LCD with Touch Screen

480x272 Resolution

Same screen used on our devices

4.3” Color LCD


Used with our Quick Jumper Module

One pack has 10 female-to-Female wires. 26AWG, 15CM

Jumper Wire Pack

aaWires IMG_9574_720.jpg

5 cables, 10 pin 1.27mm x 1.27mm

Used with our Nano Socket board and other products.

2013-02-07 11-16-31.397_720.jpg

10 cm Cable Pack


Accessories and extra parts


2013-04-15 08-08-28.092_460.jpg

Fingerprint Scanner 3.3v only

High-Speed, Fingerprint Identification.

4 pin cable included