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The VM7 is one of the fastest ways to get your product to market. This production ready board can be placed into your own custom enclosure thereby giving you a complete product. If you need additional sensors or to communicate with other devices, there is a 10 pin keyed "socket" header on the back of the unit that provides SPI, I2C, #RESET, IRQ & 3.3v power and ground signals. As this is a touch screen, there is no need for mechanical buttons.  You can easily create your own soft buttons, and place them anywhere on the screen. By using the SX8655 touch screen IC, you are not bound by using a touch pen. You can now use your fingers instead. You can even use the drag and drop features. Source code for demo is provided with purchase.

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The NVMF Module is now ready for sale.

Our GT-511C3 module is 3.3v ready for VersaModule platforms or .NET Gadgeteer

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VersaModule was created with one purpose in mind: To help get engineers and hobbyists alike to get to production stages faster using NetBurner's Nano Module. VersaModule has developed many kits to quickly show you what the Nano module can do when combined with the many VersaModule mainboards. Buy one of our kits and put the Nano, now with greater versatility, through its paces.

VersaModule, using the NetBurner NANO54415 Ethernet Core Module, extends and expands its capability. The NANO54415's  many features are enhanced by our new modules that include Opto/Relays, Time/Date, 4 Channel RS232, 2.8" and 4.3" TFT LCDs, VGA, USB, a Quick Jumper Module, a fingerprint Scanner Module and a Socket Board that allows you to attach many of the other modules simultaneously.

The VersaModule getting started video pages show how easy it is to use the NetBurner NANO coupled with the VersaModule kits to create a web server and perform tasks. You can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes.


Nano54415 Ethernet Core Module