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The VMO Main Board works in conjunction with Netburner’s NANO54415 Ethernet Core Module. Together they form a complete networking development platform.

If you want to explore the Nano54415 more and need some peripherals to gain confidence to determine if the Nano54415 module meets your needs, then buy our VMO board. It may be the quickest way to determine the many capabilities of the popular Nano54415 module by NetBurner. If you already bought a Nano54415 Development kit from NetBurner, you simply order the VMO without the Nano54415 module. If you already have a Nano54415 development kit, then unclip the module from the development kit and place it into the VMO board. You now perform your evaluation.  If you want to push the processor to its limits, this is the kit for you. Other kits give you only a LED or two which is neither interesting nor a good test. Our VMO modules plug directly onto the VMO board thereby improving its versatility. They help you become more familiar with the Nano54415 module, and this results in a better understanding of the power and capabilities of the Nano54415 module. With its standard 0.1" headers the nano's I/O pins give cause for hobbyists as well to love this board.  The 0.1" headers give you the freedom to create your own plug-in module or wire it to a breadboard. Source code for demo is provided with purchase.

Look at our Accessories page to get additional items for this Mainboard, such as AC/DC 5v power supply or cables.





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