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Nano Socket Board


The Nano Socket Board was designed for use with our other modules to plug into it without any wiring or soldering. It must be used in conjunction with the Nano54415 Development kit to provide a complete solution. People may create their own modules to plug directly into one or more of the 13 keyed "sockets" on the board. If you already have another module or board you would like to interface, use our optional Quick Jumper board. The Quick Jumper Board allows you to plug into the "socket" you need and then into your other device or breadboard. By using the QJB you can change signaling to suit your needs to interface with the socket board. You then access any of the I/O on the Nano board.

There is also a user jumper for the #RESET signal to the sockets. This jumper allows you to use the onboard reset controller, or use one of the I/O pins from the NANO to manually reset a device. Source code for demo is provided with purchase.



Pin Location Tool Image

This tool shows the available pins in each “socket” on the Socket Board. Clicking on the pins in the tool will show both the pin sharing and the particular pins that are connected to the Nano54415 module.

Socket Pin Location Tool

VersaModule's  Socket Board Adapter